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Does anybody have any good news? I'm sick of hearing bad news all of the time.

Anything good going on?

dawn = dumb

Brenda called me when I was on my way to the store today. I parked my car and wrote down all of the stuff that she was telling me. I got off of the phone and grabbed my list, bags and movie that I needed to return. As I was about to enter the store I realized that I didn't have my keys. I went back to the car and saw that they were still in the ignition. Feeling lucky that I remembered to go back...I wondered why it didn't "bing" to tell me that the keys were there. OH! It's bc the car was still running! I left my car running and totally walked away! Stupid hybid cars that shut down. Thank God I realized and went back. Rosie may have ended up in a chop shop!
Did we know that Jake Ivory's was closing? I'm so sad!

High school reunion

My high school reunion is coming up. Well, it will be if I get off of my butt and start planning it. For my 5 year we had it at a nice hotel and barely anyone came. We invited a bunch of loatians who were at a wedding down the hall to come since we only had about 40 people. The last one we had at the Elks and it was fun, but nothing spectacular. I don't know what to do the time around. Have you done anything fun or have any low cost ideas? I only graduated with 88 kids in my class, so it's not going to be anything huge. I'm just out of ideas.

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"what are Steve's Trushetta?"
"what is a trushetta?"
"trushetta is his last name, it's not a thing."
"oh! I thought it was like a fritatta."

Just out of curiosity.....

Do you want to have kids some day?

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things that make you go...

I was reading www.fmylife.com One entry said "....she asked me how BIG I was and I told her." This leads me to my question. Guys, if I were to ask you how big your wang is, could you tell me off the top of your head?
I'm not asking for numbers here, just a  simple yes or no.


Cleaning my room. Picked up my Guster record book and decided to flip through it. Found this:

I have had this book since October and never knew he had drawn this inside :)

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